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[OOC] Gauntlet Threads

...It seems like a good idea. So yeah. Here is a list of the conversations at gauntlet_rpg that Manjoume has been involved in.

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If I've missed anything, please let me know!


[OOC] How's My Driving?

Have any comments on how I'm playing Manjoume? Please, feel free to tell me here. I'd really appreciate the feedback, especially how I can improve.

Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off, and comments are screened. Because they're screened here, if you'd like to stay anonymous but still carry out a conversation with me, you can use my general contact post, where comments aren't screened, but anonymous commenting is still on, and IP logging is still off.


[OOC] Gauntlet Application

Player Information
Name/Nickname: Katie
Livejournal Username: bridgitkiido
AIM: bridgitkiido
Timezone: EST
Current Characters: This would be my first.

Character Information
Name: Manjoume Jun
(Family, given. He always insists on his family name except with certain specific people. He has also been known to go by the nickname of Manjoume Thunder, specifically when dueling.)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh GX (with an AU that stems from the anime, rather than the manga)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
OU, AU, or RU: RU, originally an anomaly character from crucible_rpg
Assignment: The SC-Stella. Because Duel Monsters isn’t really of much help in this situation.

Appearance: This DVD cover is still relevant and still awesome.

History: Original full application to crucible_rpg can be found here. A direct link to his alternate universe’s history (because it’s linked in said app) can be found here. I tried to make the rest not quite as TL;DR. I really did.

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[Manjoume's Sphere decides to turn on and follow him as he's returning to his room from a trip to level 15. Apparently a successful trip, too, because he's carrying a bag of various grocery-like things. He's also carrying a staff that may be familiar. Also, those priestly robes he's wearing are certainly not his normal outfit, though they also may be familiar. He seems slightly distracted, though, oddly enough, as though he's thinking about something.

He starts to enter his room, but then there's what sounds like a crash, a yelp of surprise from Manjoume, and... a large downpour of glitter? As soon as enough dust has settled in order for the Sphere to get a decent view of what happened, a large sign proclaiming "Happy Duel Monsters Spirit Day!" is hanging above the door, and the ship's resident duelist appears to have been buried under a large amount of silvery glitter, tiny paper lantern-shaped pieces of confetti, and a large pile of blank cards.

A moment later, he manages to pop up from beneath the pile of stuff, and looks rather irritated as he stands up, rubs his head, and attempts to dust himself off.]

What the hell was that?!?


[When this transmission starts, it's just about to see anything, because the Sphere appears to be swimming through a field of... some kind of thin, stalk-like plant? Of course, eventually the Sphere manages to levitate above the sea of plant life that's come out of nowhere, revealing Manjoume sitting on his desk in Kepler, attempting to maintain a neutral look on his face but obviously not pleased with the fact that his room is currently a wheat field.]

If I remember right, I think there was one point when the Captain showed up in front of the Holosuite, and then he revealed some kind of panel on the wall and opened a door that led to the Engineering section.

Not as though I can go check, myself, but for the sake of putting it out there, has anyone else looked there yet?


[Being not strong enough to break down his door or computer-savvy enough to hack it, Manjoume has not left his room in Kepler since the lockdown started. And even if he was capable of getting out, he's more or less of the opinion that if he stays out of things, he won't be getting in the way of people who actually have an idea of what to do.

But, admittedly, he's bored. And slightly frustrated and/or stressed (if the word 'slightly' can ever be applied to him and those adjectives). And the events of the last year or so of his life have not been kind to his sanity.

Hence, when the Sphere turns on, the first thing it records is... something akin to this drawn on one of the walls of his room in a material that looks like it could be soy sauce or something similar. (Except probably with better handwriting*.) Manjoume then comes into view of the Sphere's camera, and is holding his deck in his left hand, his posture almost like that he assumes when he's dueling.]


[In a somewhat quick action, he draws a card from the deck in his left hand with his right hand... and throws it at the drawing on the wall. His technique is nothing special, but it does manage to strike the left figure on the drawing before drifting peacefully to the ground. He then proceeds to go through this same action again and again, and will probably continue until either his deck runs out of cards or he's interrupted.]

[*...Yes, that's my crappy Japanese handwriting. For characters who can read it, the top line reads "Ojama Yellow". The bottom line is written "GA-NE-MI-DE kuui", which is supposed to say "Captain Ganymede", but I could have found the wrong word for captain, so... yeah.]


[So, Manjoume is on level 15, at a table in a café-like place. He's sitting there, his cards on the table in front of him as they usually are when he's on level 15, and the majority of his attention seems to be on enjoying the large mug of hot chocolate he's drinking.

Though, he does pay attention to things, and given everything that's been happening, who knows what he's actually thinking, really.

Incidentally, across the table sits a blue-skinned man who looks almost human except for the fact that he, incidentally, has a tail, who is not exactly being particularly neat while eating a steak. Oddly enough, Manjoume does not seem at all bothered by the other's presence, though whether he's just that good at ignoring the other or what is questionable.]


[There is a little orange-brown rabbit in this room in Kepler. And this Sphere has decided to turn on while said rabbit is absentmindedly rubbing his neck and chin all over a deck of cards - that same deck of cards that a certain young man constantly has with him.

This, of course, stops when the rabbit realizes that the Sphere is watching him. Within a few seconds, the rabbit has disappeared underneath the blanket that has somehow managed to reach the floor (and from the looks of things has become something of a makeshift burrow of sorts). It then peeks out from beneath the blanket and... speaks. And sounds rather irritated - though, given that this rabbit sounds kind of like one Manjoume Jun, this might not be all that surprising...]

You know, it would be really nice if I could wake up in my own body one of these days for once.

[Also no, that is not a pile of little bunny droppings in that corner over there, and no, none of said imaginary pile of bunny droppings has been nibbled at. What would ever make you think that there is a pile of bunny droppings in the corner of the room that has been slightly nibbled at? Really. (Even if it's pretty hard to notice that the ones that would be nibbled were there and gone without seeing them before that, really...)]


[So, this Sphere has been locked in its owner's bathroom for a little while. Why? Because its owner doesn't feel like dealing with it. It would be possible to go into a whole off-topic ramble about how desperately lonely the Sphere is in there and how it really does want its owner to come back for--

...Was that a scream, out in the main part of the room? And a crash, and some rather loud footsteps that sound like running, and the bathroom door just slammed open, and oh look, there's Yukio at the entrance to the bathroom, a haunted look caught somewhere between absolute terror and blinding rage on his face. He doesn't even notice the Sphere sitting there in the on position - mostly just runs to the mirror and stares at it before pulling off the pin-stripe white jacket (leaving the reddish one underneath on).]

Damn it, what the hell is going on here? Why the hell do I look like... like that guy?!

[All right, not actually Yukio then. (This, incidentally, is where he realizes that he never caught the other's name and that it might, actually, be useful to, you know, know it, hahaha.)

The Sphere decides to follow him as he gets out of the bathroom, leaving the white jacket behind. (Sorry, real!Yukio, but this guy has rather major issues with wearing entirely that color. ^^;)]


[Manjoume is in the Envirodome's meadow at the moment. He's brought with him a blanket and something that looks suspiciously like a picnic basket which, upon inspection, is filled with various foods, most prominently a large cherry cake.

Not that he's eating this food right now, even if that was perhaps the intention. Instead, he is lying down on the spread-out picnic blanket, apparently napping. Though, it's not the way he normally sleeps - while he usually sleeps on his back, he's currently more on his side than anything. He's using his crossed arms as a pillow, and his legs are bent so that they're curled in toward his chest, one on top of the other. And did the one on top just twitch slightly?

He almost seems like a sleeping wolf or something... but of course that's got to be a trick of the light or something, right?

...Even with that sound he just made that sounds kind of like a cross between a sigh and a canine-ish whine.]


[So, Manjoume is in the Holosuite, as evidenced by the same arena surrounded by blue chairs that he has brought up there before. Except, this time, he's the one in the stand, and it's two other boys who are playing the card game. (Do they look familiar? They might.)

Incidentally, the two boys are playing a particular duel that they've played before (though silently, because the black-clad duelist didn't feel like trying to program them in yet) - specifically, their second duel. The last duel Manjoume watched - didn't take part in, but watched - before he met Saiou and everything bad happened.]

...Wait, T-Tenjoin-kun...

[The voice is Manjoume's (even if the tone is more like that of a deer in the headlights who isn't sure exactly how to say what he's saying than he's ever expressed on the ship), but it's rather obvious that he (in the present) is not the one who spoke this time. The Sphere turns toward him briefly, showing that he's making every attempt not to listen to the voice and instead to pay attention to the duel, and after about a moment, the Sphere decides to do so as well.]

Cut oocly because it's rather TL;DR.Collapse )


[so totally not late to the plot nooooo

Manjoume currently stands at a little less than 60 centimeters tall. Being the stubborn young man that he is, he has not obtained new clothing and is wearing his coat anyway (and his shirt, but not his pants because they're far too big), regardless of the fact that large sections of it are now trailing behind him, picking up all of the dirt and bugs and stuff. He figures it's more practical this way and would be a waste to get new clothes when he can still sort of wear these, since everything else on this ship has been temporary. (And it's not like he can't handle a little bit of dirt. Black clothes are very nice in that regard.)

Hence why he's been trying to avoid having his Sphere turn on - because his stubbornness and not wanting to get smaller clothes is butting heads with his self-image and pride.

Inevitably, of course, it must turn on anyway, because it is his Sphere, and it happens to have caught him at a table in one of the food shops. Right now, he's eating some prawn curry, and trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he has to sit on a thick book in order to reach onto the table. Not that the book is easy to see from where the Sphere is hovering behind him, because of how his coat winds up draping down the back, but.

His deck is off to the side of his bowl of curry, neatly piled up. It would probably be on his belt in his deck holder if he was wearing that, but he's not, so.]


[Perhaps Manjoume's Sphere has learned how to enter rooms without permission, somehow, even with the obsticle of a closed door in its way. Perhaps Manjoume was just absentminded and forgot that he had his Sphere with him when he went in. Or perhaps he knew he had his Sphere with him and just thought he'd finally mastered how to keep it from turning on at random. We may never know.

Whatever the story behind it, Manjoume's Sphere is currently projecting an image of its owner, who is currently attempting to take a relaxing bath in the bathroom in his room in Kepler. Thankfully, there's enough soap and stuff in the water that it's rather impossible to see any inappropriate things, but from what can be seen, he's certainly not bad-looking underneath the coat that he's rarely seen out of.

He's got his eyes closed, and he hasn't noticed his Sphere, but whether he's asleep or not is anyone's guess. His thoughts appear to be centered around his cards at the moment, however, given the thought bubble hovering over his head that seems to be displaying a deck.]


[...Yeah, Manjoume fell asleep. After his nightmare, he'd been keeping himself awake in order to avoid winding up back in there, but he's an average teenage human male, and eventually he got so exhausted that he wound up asleep again after a few days of this.

This time, however, he awakens not in his room in Kepler, but... well, on the ship proper, it would be one of the shops. But it doesn't look like that right now. Instead, it looks like a room in an apartment - nothing extraordinarily luxurious, per se, but most certainly comfortable. He, himself, is on a sofa, and the Sphere takes a moment to look around the room, revealing a large display of dueling related rewards, photos, and newspaper clippings (featuring Manjoume) in one corner, and a similarly large display of music-related rewards, photos, newspaper clippings, CDs, and other various things (which mostly feature one particular girl - yes, in fact, that's Asuka) in another.

As Manjoume does awaken, however, his attention is mostly absorbed to the other side of the room, where Asuka (except in much more casual clothing) sits at a keyboard, singing. ...Well, probably practicing, but. He sits up, but Asuka doesn't take notice of him - he's fine with that for now, though, and decides to simply sit there, listening. ...Also blushing, but.

He hasn't yet noticed that Asuka is wearing a ring that matches one that's decided to pop up on his own hand, thanks to this vision. He also hasn't noticed that his barcode is back, but.]


[Why no, Manjoume does not look all that good right now. Sure, his arm looks at least somewhat better than it did when he first got zapped, and it hurts far less now unless he moves it suddenly (which is why he doesn't), but that's currently overshadowed by the fact that he, like the rest of the ship, hasn't gotten any sleep for the past few days. Dark circles rest under his eyes, and he's yawning at least once every couple of minutes. Even his heightened irritability is a casualty to his sheer lack of energy at the moment.

Currently, he's on level 15 in the back corner of one of the shops, sitting against the wall, his coat draped over him like a blanket while he slowly (because he's got an injured hand) shuffles absently through his deck in an attempt to occupy his mind enough that he won't get bored. And if it helps him to get to sleep, all the better.

Of course, he doesn't realize that his sphere is on and watching him in a manner that suggests that it's rather interested in what he's doing. Especially when his head snaps up as though he's just heard something - and though it's just a hallucination caused by his sleep-deprived state, it's not that easy for him to tell, for various reasons.]

...Ojama Yellow?

[The above is very quiet, almost only mouthed, but has a rushed, almost urgent sense to it nonetheless. He almost seems alert - perhaps overly alert - in reaction to that sound, and will now spend a couple of minutes or so looking back and forth, searching for a sign of the source of that sound. He may even force himself to stand and spend energy walking off in search of it, if he doesn't realize that it's just a hallucination.

Not that that realization would put him in any better mood, but his mood has been shot for months now, really, so.]


[Well. That was rather painful. And yet even through the almost blinding pain in his arm, he can't help but see the horrible irony in this - his guess for the answer to the riddle was 'pain', after all. Sort of surprisingly, though his face is screwed up in a manner that clearly indicates how much pain he's in, he's not making any sound except for the occasional wince. No whimpering, no screaming, nothing.

Manjoume makes his way back to his room, leaning on his staff - now just a thick wooden stick once again, but he's keeping it anyway - for support with his right arm while his left - zapped with electricity, badly burned, and in serious pain - hangs uselessly to his side. Thankfully, his barcode was on his non-dominant hand, so... yeah.

When he gets there, however, the door won't budge. Even as he pulls his battered and hurting arm up to the reader, it won't budge. He hits it with his right hand, with his stick, and then even, when they don't work, with his head once. But it still won't budge.

So he'll just be standing there for a few minutes, in pain, forehead against door, as he attempts to figure out what to do next. He says exactly one word, but it comes out in a whisper that's wavering despite his attempts to hold back any vocal signs of pain.]



[Manjoume, in his black mage-ness, is standing by a large-ish pond that's within walking distance of the town. There are various fish-like semi-human-shaped creatures living around it in little straw and possibly bamboo structures, and they seem to be talking amongst themselves in a gutteral, incomprehensable language.

Why is Manjoume here? Well, he decided that trying to figure out that riddle is only going to give him a headache and irritate him to no end. So long story short, he decided to listen to some of the locals' conversations, and overheard that there were fish-man-things (as they refer to them) that lived nearby that were terrorizing the town and stuff. It's not like this young duelist has all that much better to do at the moment, so why not help the locals out and show the fish-man-things that they shouldn't do that?

One of the fish-man-things spots him, lets out its battle cry (see first link), and charges Manjoume, spear in hand. Quickly, in response, Manjoume raises his staff, and a large lightning bolt falls from the sky and zaps his attacker, rendering the fish-man-thing twitching, likely paralyzed.

And Manjoume smirks a little.]

I still don't like not knowing how I'm doing it, but this is still pretty awesome.

[Of course, there's still a whole village of them, and a couple more of the fish-man-things decide that that wasn't very nice and charge him at once with their own spears, but Manjoume calls down a couple more lightning bolts to take care of them. He may be forced to flee eventually, of course, as this is a whole village of fish-man-things, and there's only one of him, and he's squishy, but.]


[Manjoume, surprisingly, is in a fairly decent mood, perhaps even slightly -excited- over this turn of events (though good luck getting him to admit it aloud). Maybe that has something to do with the fact that, as opposed to the white dress incident that he will insist didn't happen, he has found himself dressed in a fancy, dark-colored robe (sans the circlet thing).

The staff he found? Has wound up as something akin to this. It's currently leaning against the table he's sitting at, because he's in an inn, drinking some cider of sorts (non-alcoholic, by the way), eating some stew, and muttering quietly as he mulls over the riddle.]

"Both light and darkness," that paper says. That just doesn't happen. You're either of one or of the other or of neither, end of story, and frankly I don't see why anyone would want to be of either.

[He stirs his stew a little, and... are those a few small sparks of electricity snapping just above his bowl? He seems rather interested in what they're doing, and is that a hint of satisfaction at the development that he can do such a thing? Maybe that's also a part of his actually halfway decent mood.]

"Lovers who never touch", though... For some reason, I'm reminded of the story of Tanabata. It's not quite the same, since Orihime and Hikoboshi can meet once a year if it doesn't rain, which isn't never, but.


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